Goddamn we got it good! Saturday, out at the end, with wind blowing outta the east and a sliver of sun in the sky. We dragged our feet all the way out, stopping for snacks, checking some other spots, etc. Wish we wouldn't have waited. Oh well. You take what you can get this time of year. Fargo was full-up, with Karissa and Angel up front, and Zoe and I buried in the back with four boards and six wetsuits. Cold beer from the cooler and a warm shower followed three or four hours in the ocean. It was crowded by comparison. Some Stand Up Paddle people, a few friends and a collection of kooks on the inside. We drove back after dark, ate dinner at Angel's, drank whiskey and apple cider and passed out early. A text message woke me up Sunday morning. "Waist high and offshore." But by the time we ate breakfast, drank coffee and dragged our asses out there, the swell had died down a bit. Wind was still outta the south, though. I slipped into my suit and paddled out to the east. Karissa, who wasn't feeling well, stayed ashore and snapped a few photos. The waves and weather could have been better. I'm just glad we got it so good on Saturday.

Photos courtesy of Karissa_Would.

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