The Cloak of Stoke

Wetsuits suck. If you've ever surfed in board shorts or a bikini, you know this. I'm not saying they aren't important - that they won't keep you warm or let you surf when it's winter - I'm simply suggesting that they suck. In general. And honestly, it's the in-and-out process that makes surfing with a wetsuit a real pain in the ass. On the side of the road, in a muddy parking lot or sitting inside the van, getting one on (or off) takes time and often leaves you both cold and uncomfortable. Enter The Mancho, or what I've dubbed the Cloak of Stoke. This terry cloth robe like layer allows you to get in-and-out of your suit without showing your business bits to all the people in the parking lot. It also works wonderfully as an alternative to a towel, allowing you to shower and then saunter back to camp without freezing your ass off. Its hood is huge and works wonderfully on a wet head. The front pocket is a perfect place to keep your claws, and there's even a little loop on the back of the neck so you can hang it outside the shower. They're long enough to cover up all of your essentials and wide enough for you to slide into your suit without feeling claustrophobic or cramped. Now, I'm sure your mom could make one, or that you're just fine wrapping up your underbits in a beach towel, but they sell for $75 (including shipping) on Stoke Harvester, and as far as I'm concerned, that's a damn good deal.

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