Some Friday Fog

Labor Day weekend is traditionally a shit show - the final few before the fall, the last days of summer for some. Everyone is out... everywhere. So we took an extra day, the Friday before, just in case it was crowded. To save our spot on the island and setup for our first Mobile Surf Movie. We left Seattle shortly after six on Thursday. Traffic was unusually alright. We stopped for fuel, followed by a cup of coffee at one of those lingerie latte joints. A little odd. Fast forward a few hours and we were circling the aforementioned island, looking for something level. To our astonishment, the campground was all but empty. So we pitched a few tents to save space, drank some cider and passed out early.

A light fog had settled overnight, and the wind was offshore when we awoke. It had rained. We slipped on our suits and paddled out early. The only ones if I remember right. It was exhausting. Paddling as hard as possible. Fighting the wind in your face. Your body becoming a sail as soon as you stand up. But when it all worked, when you got a good one, goddamn were those waves wonderful. After a few hours Karissa donned a pair of swim fins that Shawn gave us and paddled, er, swam out with our often forgot Canon PowerShot D20. It was an excellent afternoon. Follow the link for a few of her photos.

Images come courtesy of Karissa_Would.

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