Twelve More Months

Karissa and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary this weekend. Having driven all the way out following work on Friday, we were able to spend two whole days in the same place we did the deed. There was champagne and cake, campfires and clean waves. We camped amongst a crowd of summer surfers, dodging dummies on the inside and thanking everything that's holy when the power went out entirely. There was fog the same as the Friday we were wed - lying low over the ocean, covering all of the clean little lefts and rights that arrived at (relatively) relaxed intervals. The sun showed up on Sunday, but so did the wind. We surfed for six hours on Saturday, four or five the following day. Arms exhausted and tummies eager for something a little more serious than the yogurt and granola we'd been eating all weekend, we decided to stop at The Bushwhacker for a burger - our first in many months. I could say all sorts of stuff about our anniversary, but sometimes I think its best if certain things go unsaid.

Poppin' Bottles.

The Good Book.

Bling Bling.


Sucka Face.

Grass and Glass.



Fire in the Sky.


Sweater Envy.



Images come courtesy of Karissa_Would and Lilly Kalani.

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