Cheese Cake Fog Face

I love fog in the fall. Those early mornings without wind, when you can't see the shore, and glassy little peelers appear outta nowhere. Those grey colored clouds enveloping everything. It's awesome. And eerie. A lot of people sleep in on Sundays, though, maybe cause they drank one too many Mai Tais the night before ;) Which means the earlier I can get my ass out of the van, the more waves I can have without anyone else. Not that I don't care for the company, but it is nice to surf solo on Sundays. A good time to think about everything that went on that week. Reflect or whatever.

So when I paddled out last Sunday, with a heavy fog sitting a few feet above the water, it appeared that I was the only one out there. I caught a couple clean ones - waist high waves without wind - then waited for the wife. I'd spent the last few days surfing Jeff's old Jacobs, but finally found a bit of basecoat (thanks Derek!) and re-waxed my Feral Pig for a Sunday session. She felt fantastic under my feet. It had been so long since I'd surfed my swine. Forgot how well she works. When the fog finally lifted - the sun turning grey water to bright blue - I realized there were six or seven other surfers who weren't afraid of the fog. I caught one in, showered and then wandered back to take a few photos.

By the time I made it back to the beach, a fresh batch of fog had settled on the sand. I waited for the wind, taking photos when I could see clearly. Karissa stayed out for a few fun ones, but the conditions weren't getting any better so she came in rather quickly. After cleaning up our camp, we filled Fargo and headed for Angel's house, where we surprised Karissa with a strawberry chocolate cheesecake. Her birthday being the following Tuesday, and Angel wanting to cook something incredible, it was an excellent excuse to eat something awesome. We didn't get home till ten, but that goddamn cake was worth the wait.



I can see clearly...

Come Again.

Mush Mush.


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