Uppers, Lowers & Middles

Big waves don't bother me. I've surfed shit I probably shouldn't have, on boards that were way too big. I guess I'm just not interested in surfing a shorter stick. Well, maybe a Mini Simmons - but not now. So when that southwest swell showed up in Southern California, I was a little bummed I'm not a member of the Tiny Twig Tribe. It was epic, to say the least. We knew it would be. Which is why we took a trip to Trestles. You could see the swell from the street. Huge walls of water, rising and peeling and crashing along the coastline. It took about twenty minutes to walk from where we parked to where we watched. There were hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS of people in the water. Insane. But of all those that were out there, only a handful could actually catch anything. There's so much show in So-Cal. Everyone wants to be seen surfing - whether you're good at it seems to matter a lot less. Anyhow. It was interesting, albeit a little boring. Big waves produce the same style in almost everyone: survival. Big drop, bottom turn, rail grab and then out the other end. Follow the link for a few more photos from our time at Trestles.

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