The Emporium of Postmodern Activities

The dudes at Deus are doing a damn fine job of cultivating a culture. Lets call it 'surf inspired moto madness.' Inside their operation(s) you'll find assorted apparel, custom surfboards and hand built bikes - and everything in between. They've got three locations: The House of Simple Pleasures in Sydney, Australia, the Temple of Enthusiasm on the Indonesian island of Bali, and the Emporium of Postmodern Activities, located in a brand new building on Venice Blvd. Which is where we went. To watch the Moto GP race and shoot the shit with a few of our friends after eating breakfast near the beach.

The usual suspects were in attendance - my good buddy Grant (creative director turned dual-sport daredevil), a mustached man some people call Stefan (aka Deus USA Dude #1), our mutual mate, Sean (who somehow managed to survive this shit), and Joe and Flora, two CanaNewMerican filmmakers who've decided to live in the desert. It was Sunday, so there were plenty of other people. Some came to see Rossi wreck, others were there to ogle the apparel, drink coffee and stare at screens. An eclectic mix, that's for sure. The store itself is stellar. With all kinds of cool clothing, framed photos and asymmetrical shapes. So if you're in the LA area, I highly recommend you take some time to see their shop.

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