Grand Canyon Fold-Top Table

Camp tables come in all shapes and sizes. There's the rubber roll-top type you can get at REI, or those handmade hardwood ones that'll cost you an arm and a leg. Shit, some people just put a piece of plywood on top of a milk crate, or cut and cook stuff on top of their cooler. To each their own. But for the last two years, Karissa and I haven't had one - cooking on whatever flat surface we could find. And when I say "we," what I really mean is Karissa, because I couldn't cook a can of soup to save my life. Anyhow. Our friends at Travel Chair were kind enough to send us one of their Grand Canyon tables ($119), an all aluminium fold-top table with friction locking legs and a carry case.

At it's lowest height, the Grand Canyon table can accommodate 225 lbs (75 lbs when it's all the way upright). When fully assembled, the table measures 35.5" x 27.5" and is adjustable from 18" to 28" tall. The table is large enough to fit our Camp Chef cook stove, a stack of plastic plates, an assortment of utensils and all kinds of accouterments, such as ketchup, mustard, peanut butter and bananas. And it's tall enough that you can stand and cook, which keeps Karissa from looking like a two foot tall troll. Fit and finish is fantastic, and the whole thing packs into a bag the same size as our Teddy chairs. An essential for any car camper, in our opinion.

An all aluminum frame with height adjustable telescoping legs.

Keeping things level.

Fully assembled. All the way up.

Fold-top featuring a black and brushed aluminum finish.

Friction locking legs.

Easily assembled, the Grand Canyon is an essential for every car camper.

Click here to learn more about Travel Chair's Grand Canyon table.

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