The Waterman's Corner

I've got an assortment of excuses as to why we went to Westport this weekend. There was nothing but wind out west. The swell looks kinda shitty. We wanted to eat in Olympia. Etc. One of our excuses was that we wanted to take a look at Todd Fischer's new art gallery, located on the corner of Cove Ave., just across the street from the Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill. The building is beautiful. With big, wide windows, drift wood decorations and lots of light. A perfect place to display some paintings.

I've seen a lot of Todd's art over the years - signs on surf shops, paintings, posters, surf contest shirts, etc. I even own an original. And I have Todd to thank for the Peanut Butter Coast crest, as well as my wedding invitation art, among other things. But this was the first time I'd seen so much of his stuff in one place, well lit, with drift wood frames and little tags with titles and prices on each piece. It was inspiring. And I am excited to share some images from the time we spent gawking in his gallery.

Drift Wood.


Light Room.


Color Swirl.

Headed Home.

Talking Turkey.

Click here to learn more about Todd Fischer.

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