Tellason Topper Denim Shirt

I try not to take too much shit with me when we go surfing on the weekends. Two t-shirts, two pairs of socks, one pair of pants, something warm to wear and some kinda baseball cap. Only the essentials. Things I can take to work with me in my Duck Camo Daypack. Recently, however, I've been wearing my Topper Denim Shirt instead of outerwear, and skipping the socks in favor of flip-flops.

The shirt, which is hand-sewn in San Francisco by our friends at Tellason, is rope-dyed and made from 6.5 oz. Cone Mills White Oak denim. It's an interesting mix of western and work, with a broad yoke on the back and a plethora of pockets, including a place to put your pencil. It has a wider collar than most shirts that I wear, but I've become quite fond of it, actually. Keeps my neck warm at night.

The stitching is an off-yellow color and there are two buttons at each end of the sleeves, which makes rolling them up that much easier. I've washed it once, just to see how much it might shrink, however I wear it on top of a t-shirt, which helps keep the shirt from getting too funky. Yes, it's expensive, but I'll be damned if any denim shirt from Sears can compare. And besides, it'll only get better with age.

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