Oven Spoonful

There are plenty of places to eat in Port Angeles... plenty of shitty places. There are, however, a few good finds. I mean, it's a small town, so it's to be expected. But when Bricky and Andy suggested we have biscuits and gravy for breakfast, little did I know that those three little things would change my life. It was winter. We'd grown accustom to grabbing a cup of coffee, eating some cereal and hitting the road as soon as possible - not taking the time to eat a big breakfast or even sit down for a second. So when the boys suggested this biscuits and gravy business, something I wasn't too fond of in the first place, I agreed to go only because we were friends.

Oven Spoonful sits on the south side of East First St. It's small and unassuming. Narrow as you enter, with a long pastry case and an espresso machine at the end. Almost everything is made from scratch. Scones and cookies and quiche and cupcakes. The coffee comes from Cafe Vita and the sausage found in their five dollar biscuit-and-gravy breakfast comes from Sunny Farms in Sequim. Everything is excellent. And our friend Angel is responsible for a lot of it. Which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy... and full. They're open seven days a week, from 7am till 7pm. And along with all their eats, they also sell beer and wine. So if you're in the area and want something better for breakfast, stop by Oven Spoonful, I'll be damned if you're disappointed.

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