Buzz Words

I had this dream a few years ago. In it was an elephant; old and grey, who looked right at me, said something stoic and then shook his head. He wasn't impressed. He remembered - what I'd done, who I'd become, the mistakes I had made. All the shit I didn't want to remember. All the shit I had suppressed. It should have been obvious, the elephant was there to help me remember my mistakes. So that maybe I wouldn't fuck up again... and again. You get it? Well, whatever he was supposed to symbolize, I've always liked the idea of elephants. Big and beautiful. Strong and silent. They're one of but a few animals that can assert their dominance without much effort. A gentle giant. And yet if you fuck with one, it'll pick you up and bang you against a tree and then step on you. Game over. Kinda like Cary Grant. Hard when he had to be. Anyhow. Enough with the elephant. Obviously I got a lil' ink. Some new shit from my friend Ian at Alki Beach Tattoo. Which, by the way, is a perfect place for those of you interested in something that sticks. You know, FOREVER. Follow the link for few photos courtesy of Karissa.



Lined Up.


Red Head.

Pain Face.

Small Talk.

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