After All

I purchased my first pair of Rainbow Sandals at the Cheka-Looka Surf Shop in September of 2002. Since that summer they've traveled to eight or nine different countries, both sides of the United States and accumulated countless miles - seven of which were spent running through some backwoods part of Pennsylvania in search of two missing co-workers. And while they've certainly seen better days, I decided I'd rather wear them out than spend a week waiting for them to be repaired.

So while in Mexico a few months ago - attempting to save a certain someone's stick from a rock reef - the fabric bit that slips between your toes came loose. It was only a matter of time, really. The sole had worn through, exposing the toe strap attachment point. Something you'd expect after spending so much time in the same pair of sandals. Anyhow, I spent the rest of my trip wearing a pink pair of plastic flip-flops that Karissa purchased prior to our departure. Embarrassing indeed. And while I wanted to send my sandals back to San Clemente when I returned to the states, I decided it best to just buy a new pair.

So there they are. My fresh set of Rainbow Sandals. They're the same 'Premier Leather Sierra Brown Double Layer Arch' business that I bought before. They're stiff, feel sorta small and smell a little strange. But I know what'll happen after I wear them for awhile - they'll form to my feet. And before long I won't be willing to go anywhere without them. Essentials. Click here to read a post about my old pair.