Allow me to sum up the shit show that was this Saturday. It all started with an argument regarding refraction. Tall talk of swell bouncing about the strait. Dice were rolled. Arrived as always, late Friday night following a bad ass beer at the Silver City Brewery in Silverdale. Awoke Saturday morning to the strange sound of Fred Rogers singing Won't You Be My Neighbor? It was Jake, come to wake us up in his own way. After a quick cup of coffee, we headed west in search of surf.

According to Wikipedia refraction is "the change in direction of a wave due to a change in its medium." I had my doubts, but there were waves when we arrived. Waist high with a small left shoulder and a long running right. I switched sticks and spent some time surfing Shawn's, er, Jake's nine-foot Dewey Weber. A goddamn good time, I tell ya. Four hours with four friends. After a short shower, we headed to the Blackberry Cafe and ate breakfast for dinner, followed by a piece of pie. Blackberry, naturally. We then went back to Bricky's, got good and drunk and apparently had a pillow fight.

Skunk Cabbage.

All Gone.

Sad Sunday.

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