Redington Topo Outfit

I've been interested in fly fishing for quite some time now. Not as a source of sustenance, as I am allergic to all kinds of freshwater fish, but as an activity. A skill that, a lot like surfing, I could acquire, develop and do for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, things like this require equipment. And equipment requires coin. But thanks to an article I found on Outside Online, I know what I'll need to catch a couple of fish.

It's called an outfit. A rod and reel, a few dry flies and 100 yards of fishing line. All of the essentials. And while there are all sorts of outfits out there, the one featured in the article I found online is made by a company called Redington, whose headquarters just so happen to be here in the Pacific Northwest.

Their Topo Outfit, which retails for $199 - a reasonable price for someone looking to learn, IMO - has everything you'll need to find your first Rainbow. A four-piece, nine-foot-long graphite fly rod, pre-spooled crosswater reel, six high floating foam dry flies, nippers and a lightweight rod and reel case.

There are a handful of fly fishing outfitters here in the Pacific Northwest, to include the Creekside Angling Company, Emerald Water Anglers and Patrick's Fly Shop. They not only sell all the stuff, but offer fly tying and casting classes, as well as guided trips to a number of different destinations.

I guess I can add this outfit to my #wishlist