What a weird weekend. The forecast called for some sizable swell, little to no wind and overcast skies. Expecting it to be ugly out there, Karissa and I parked in P.A. and planned to surf somewhere along the strait and narrow come Saturday. Seemed like everyone was out there this weekend, though. Sorta like the first day of school - a lot of familiar faces, frumpy faces, friends and few new fellas.

We found something fun. Inconsistent and kinda cold, but fun. Fast forward a few hours; standing on the shore trying to decide what to do, we figured it'd be best to pack up and push on. All the way out. With enough time to surf around sunset. I picked a peak and paddled. There were lots of lefts. Surfed the Silver Spoon. Sunday morning got glassy. Four hours with a few friends, a couple of pints at Peaks and then a ferry boat back to the big city.

Dressing Room.

Silver Spoon.

The Lineup.

Center Field.



Out Back.


Foggy Forest.

The Plank.


Walk of Shame.

Fargo and a fire...

Photos come courtesy of Karissa_Would

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