The Voyage of the Cormorant

Over the course of 22 months, Christian Beamish, a former editor at The Surfer's Journal, built an 18-foot Oughtred Ness Yawl in his single-car garage, and then sailed solo from San Diego to the southern part of the Baja Peninsula searching for surf and solitude. Published by Patagonia, The Voyage of the Cormorant chronicles Beamish's "low-tech, self-reliant exploration for surf along the coast of North America, using primarily clothes and instruments available to his ancestors." His journey, at least from what I've read, was an arduous one and is certainly worth reading about.

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rich said...

That dude tried to do a similar trip up on Van Island with a buddy (very experienced sailor) a couple years back. Buddy said he was a nightmare of a mariner and no clue what the NPAC reality was.

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