Fargo & The Foggy Waves

A loud knock woke me up Sunday morning. Joe, peering through Fargo's front window, was eager to see what the swell looked like. I climbed out from the comfort of our cargo van and wandered toward the water. A heavy fog was waiting... and waves! Small, glassy little bastards. I managed to slip into my Matuse and sneak out to sea without waking my wife. Joe, Charlie and I surfed waist high waves for maybe four hours. We called it quits when the wind picked up. Came ashore to find Karissa getting ready to go out. We kicked around camp for awhile before the three of them paddled back out. I stayed on shore to document the occasion. Follow the link for a few photos.

This was our first weekend with Fargo, our new Ford cargo van. Karissa came up with the name. She even started a Tumblr to document the transformation from an empty E-150, to a serious surf wagon. We skipped town around five on Friday, planning to stay in P.A. We ate breakfast at the Blackbird Coffeehouse, then headed through the strait and narrow in search of surf.

Top Secret Tellason.

Fargo Face.


Some Sorta Salad.


Sun on that side...


Squating Sanchez.


Two Step.



All Smiles.

Additional images can be found on our Facebook page.