Two Weeks Too Long

It had been a bit. Two weeks since I was in the water. One weekend we were riding motorcycles, then a wedding the weekend that followed. So when Wednesday arrived, when we're supposed to be celebrating our independence, we decided to surf instead of staying in the city for shitty fireworks and what not.

We headed outta town on Tuesday. Had dinner and a drink at the Next Door Gastropub. Pitched our tent around ten. Beers before bed. I was in the water around eight the next morning. Banana and a slice of bread. Windless waves. Small but surfable. Joe Sanchez joined me, as did Ms.Wood. It was wonderful.

Drive four hours. Surf four hours. Drive four hours.

Pick up a couple of Ortlieb roll-down dry bags. Work well with wet wetsuits.

Tucked into the trees.

Click here for additional images.

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