Cherry Pie and Windy Waves

We knew it'd be windy, with waves from the west. But it wasn't that bad. Better than it looked. So after a banana and some sorta chocolate protein juice box thing, I paddled out to find a few. A couple of clean little lefts, rights that were alright. It was crowded by comparison. Ten, maybe twelve people had also paddled out. But I don't give a damn. Makes things more interesting.

Karissa came out, as did Derek. I had been surfing the south end with a friend from Bremerton, but paddled north so I could snake a few waves from my future wife. She didn't seem to mind, though. After a few hours, we went in and found some friends we hadn't seen for many moons. Then dinner, drinks and some damn good cherry pie.


Field of Dreams.


Seriously Excited.

Nyssa and Willow.

Millie and Mr.Sparks.



Killing time around a camp fire.

Hang Time.

Click here for a few more photos.

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