'The Bus' @ The North Bend Theater

I first heard of The Bus, a documentary film by Damon Ristau, a few months ago. An article on Adventure Journal, which featured a trailer for the film, sold me on the idea of owning an old Volkswagen. Sam's gonna kill me. Anyhow. Karissa and I drove out to North Bend last night for the premiere of Ristau's film. A wonderful, albeit short, documentary that highlights the history of VW's Bus, from it's humble beginnings in the Wolfsburg factory, to it's cult like following and a few of the more interesting people that own them. Follow the link for a few photos from last night's premiere at the North Bend Theater.

The North Bend Theater, independently owned and operated since April 9th, 1941.

Bus. Van. Bus. Van.

Split Window.

Syncro Westy.

A white one.

Single Cab Split Window.

What more could you ask for?!

Big blue bus.

Another white Westy.

Syncro Westy with all the extras.

Click here for additional info on Damon Ristau's documentary.

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