Ten Foot Bing Pig

I believe it was February when my friend Derek bought a Bing. A ten foot Feral Pig to be precise. It was a custom job. Black rails with a cream and teal two-tone stripe. A big ol' D fin. Some other stuff. A real stunner. Like a sexy lady in a short dress. Anyhow. Last weekend Derek dragged his Bing to the beach, and on Saturday asked if I'd like to take'r for a slide. Hell yes I did! I paddled the Pig out around sunset. There were plenty of people in the water. Knew almost all of them, though. First wave I went for was waist high. To the left. Oh, what smooth sailing. That big bastard drove down the line. Like a Cadillac. And I love Cadillacs. Took a few trips to where there shoulda been wax ;) Had everyone looking green with envy. Really complimented my surfing style. Arms up as I threw the thing around, fast forward. Fuck. It was so much fun! I dreamed of big Pigs that night. Paddling effortlessly into every wave. It's hard to explain, really. Like nothing else. I loved it. I'm sold! Click here to learn more about Bing's Feral Pig.

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