Saturday Down South

With foul weather forecasted for the coast, Ms.Wood and I decided to head south and surf. Somewhere in Oregon. Karissa collected me from my cage around five. Had a dinner date with a few friends from Tacoma. Consumed copious cocktails and didn't depart until after eight :( Parked and pitched our tent sometime around midnight. Maybe later. We were up early, though. Grabbed a cup of coffee and a croissant at the Sleepy Monk before driving even further south for our first session.

First spot was small, but fun. We caught a couple before Todd from Wave Hounds turned up. Packed up our boards and proceeded to another spot that Todd said was working. Sure was. A little bigger and a lot more fun. We had to hike in, between bushes and beach houses. It was worth the walk, though. Surfed until the sun started to set. Blackberry beer at Bill's, a slice or two from Pizza a'fetta and some ice cream at the other end of town. Saturday didn't suck.

Bush whacking with a Becker.

Skating in her suit.

A stick on the side of the road.

Bringing the banana back from the beach.

Skate shoes?

Blonde bombshell.

Ice cream after hours.

Additional images available here.

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