One Day Many Waves

Skip Cinco de Mayo. Saturday was Derby Day! And I could have been rich. Picked the right horse, failed to place the bet. Sonofabitch. Sort of like buying a bottle of wine in a foreign country - just pick the one with the coolest looking label. "I'll Have Another." That bastard was born to win. Anyhow, after a couple of cocktails with Curbsyde, we headed north for Kristin's wedding. Simple ceremony, lots of people. I played photographer. After a bottle of wine and another Gin & Tonic, I was feeling mighty fine. In bed after midnight. Thankfully I woke up to the sound of my cell phone, shortly before six. Threw a few things in Subaru. Two big boards. Two suits. Some day old waffles. First in line for the ferry.

Wasn't much wind when we arrived. A bit bigger in the morning. Died down in the afternoon. Sun. Shine. Might be able to leave my boots on the beach next week. I had a handful. Felt like shit, though. I remember catching a cool little left, executing a rather unexciting bottom turn and then putting my hands on my knees as I drove down the line. What a shame. Should have put my man pants on.

Brought my new 10" Mikey DeTemple MD3 Longboard fin. Worked well on the Blue Banana. More on that later, though. Mark and Derek made an appearance. Surfed till we couldn't stand up. Sun was still in the sky when we left. Stopped at The Bushwhacker for dinner. Ice cream at Mora before we boarded the boat.

Clearly I couldn't hang. Passed out prior to PA. Karissa was kind enough to snap this photo. Creeper ;)

Additional images are available here.

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