Finterview: Greenough 4C

According to True Ames, George Greenough took cues from the pattern of human evolution when designing the 4C and "found it adaptive to become less wild and more upright." The 4C, a 9.5" fiberglass fin, shares the Greenough 4A's flex, but has less rake and a much smaller base. It's upright posture allows "midlength eggs and logs to make lower-radius, looser turns." I attached it to my 9'6" Harbour Banana Model, a board that came equipped with an upright-ish, 9.5" fin made by the Fibre Glas Fin Co. But for some reason, I found the 4C to feel a bit short. On an eight foot egg, or perhaps a board with a bit less tail rocker, the 4C would work well. But the Banana needed something stronger. Whiskey not wine.

Down the face the 4C felt fine, but the bottom turns were sloppy. Loose. Once I pulled into the pocket the 4C required me to stay toward the back of the board, trimming from the tail. It just seemed too short. Take a few steps forward and the Banana lost it's balance. All over the place up front. I became frustrated. Certain it was the fins fault. But alas, it was just the wrong tool attached to a long stick. I'd recommend the 4C to someone with a shorter board. Someone looking to make fast, loose turns, but maintain some stability down the line. I would not, however, suggest you affix the 4C to something you're accustom to making big, slow, calculated bottom turns on. Just wasn't what I wanted.

This Finterview originally appeared on Stoke Harvester's blog.

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f1rstcoast said...

try it in a 10"
or the paddle fin of greeno's
i have had alot of succes
on both coasts with the later

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