The Bushwhacker

Our friend Erik, barkeeper at the infamous Zig Zag Café, once 'checked-in' at The Bushwhacker. We'd driven by it a dozen times, even cracked a couple of jokes about the name of this seemingly shady establishment. But we never considered stopping. Even if Erik ate there. Then, sometime this past winter, following a few hours in freezing cold water, Mark and Derek suggested we stop there for dinner. "You mean that place in Port Angeles, the one that looks like an Elks Lodge?" Yes indeed. And to our surprise, it didn't suck. An 'award winning' salad bar, ten-plus beers on tap (of which most are sourced locally), Whacker Bugers and a not-so-friendly waiter dude. What more could one ask for?!

Derek sure knows how to show some skin.

The Special. Think I'll stick to the salad bar ;)

A real big TV, low-back boat chairs, stained glass lamp shades, all that shit.

Next time you need something hearty on your way home, don't be afraid to eat at The Bushwhacker.

It's not that bad, really.

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