Take Home Fish Co.

The Take Home Fish Co. is locate on Woodland Ave in Neah Bay, Washington, a quiet coastal town at the end of Highway 112. It's been there for years. A small, unassuming shop built with scrap lumber on the foundation of an old home. The gentleman that runs the joint, Kimm Brown, is one of the nicest people I know. Kimm spent 30 years as a fisherman, but gave it up to stay at home with his daughter.

According to an article on OregonLive, Kimm buys 30,000 pounds of fish each year, and uses fresh alder found nearby to fuel his smoker. Oh, and Kimm won't cook frozen fish. He once told the Peninsula Daily News that "It's really sad that anyone would have to. It tastes horrible." From humble beginnings, Kimm has built a business known for fresh, locally sourced seafood. It's one of our favorite places, run by one of our favorite people. So the next time you're in Neah Bay, don't just drive by.

Sign on the ceiling.

Colorful kelp.

Honesty is the best policy.

This one's for Jeff :)


Fish heads.


Where you from?

Hat rack.

Five dollars!

Click here to learn more about Kimm and his Take Home Fish Co.

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Best smoked salmon ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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