Summer Soon Please

You can smell the summer. Sun, sand and shoes without socks. It's right around the corner. Really. As much as I've enjoyed surfing this winter - overhead and offshore - there's something about summertime. About sun. We had some recently. A few days without clouds. When it wasn't cold. When it wasn't raining. But it all came back. Overcast. Scattered showers. Sonofabitch. I really need to see the sun. I thought I could wait through the winter. But it seems I've succumb. SAD or whatever. I'm overcome with anxiety. I'm ready for something else. Small waves. Sand between my toes. Food cooked over a fire. Cold beers on the beach. All that. I'm curious, though, whether I'll feel excited about the waves. Small, not shoulder high. Slow, not fast. But there'll be sun. Sixty plus. Sounds like I'm daydreaming. About summer.

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