"He likes it! Hey, Mikey!"

What can I say, I like Mikey. Maybe it's the beard. Or maybe it's because he makes movies that don't suck. Whichever. So when I started looking for a new fin, something for The Blue Banana, Mikey's name was mentioned. The board needed a new fin cause Karissa crushed the one that was on there. And because the Greenough 4C that I recently Finterviewed wasn't what I was looking for. So I spoke with Shawn from Stoke Harvester and he hooked me up with this, a Mike DeTemple MD3 Longboard Fin made by the Rainbow Fin Company. It's a 10" fiberglass fin that looks a lot like the Greenough 4A. Wide base, narrow, flexible tip, a fin "designed to get the most out of your log." Should work well. Oh, and he also threw in a copy of Mikey's first film, Picturesque, which I'll watch and review sometime soon.

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