The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful

Saturday stood up. Offshore wind, seven foot swells, etc. I brought the Bing. A nine-foot Elevator with nothing in the nose. Had a hell of a time catching waves. My friend Chris and his wife Rena camped in our corner. Chris learned to surf in the southeast and is an accomplished Stand Up Paddle dude. He and I had a handful of head high waves. Lefts and rights. Sun finally showed up, albeit late in the day. I surfed for six hours. The last two were worth the wait, though. It wasn't getting any worse.

Sunday was small. No wind when I woke up. The tide was all the way out. I was in the water around 9am. A dozen waves before Karissa collected the Becker. She had one hell of a wave, though. All the way in. Fin in the sand. I finally figured out how to surf that other stick. The Bing. Start paddling sooner, late takeoff, slow and steady rotation, run to the nose. Like a dog dragging it's ass across your carpet, the Elevator won't work unless you walk all the way out. Found my fair share. Good fun.

Home away from home...

Offshore on Saturday.


Harvesting Stoke.


Head high?

Surf gang.

Nice little left.


Dragging paddle.

Over > Under.

I call this 'The Zombie.'

Slice and dice.

Walking on water?

Chased this chick around for a half-hour trying to say hi. Wasn't who I though it was :(

Squeezin' one out!

Mr.Red Face and Rena around the fire.

Chris' cool cookware.

Dinner was delicious.

Photos courtesy of Karissa.

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Meggie said...

Your blog is the bomb. Cool to see what's goin on out on the beautiful west coast. My grandmother used to have a place in Sechelt (off Vancouver Island). Love tuning into this blog to see what's up.


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