Onshore & Ugly

Onshore winds make for ugly conditions. White caps and wind in your face. Ingredients for an uncomfortable afternoon. But sometimes you have to say, "What the fuck!" Make your move! And although it was raining when we arrived, followed by the occasional sun break, etc, it wasn't that bad. Windy, though. Way too windy. Coming from Canada. Small swells showed up every so often. Two, maybe three feet at best. But that didn't seem to matter. Fun was had. Surfed with a few friends from Seattle, as well as a fella from Tacoma by the name of Chris. Borrowed a Bing. Had a handful.

Todd doing that backside thing on one of the better waves.

Joe grabs the rail of his 10'2" Bing Silverspoon. Making the most of a small swell.

Todd let me borrow his 9'10" Silverspoon. Damn thing didn't mind the wind. I want one.

Chris caught a couple. Surfed with him on Saturday. Solid slider.

Todd didn't mind the wind, either. His 10' Bing Noserider sailed smoothly.

Additional images available here.

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