Finterview: Future Fins 'Performance Longboard Fin'

Picked up a 9.0 Future Fins 'Performance Longboard Fin' at Wave Hounds a few weeks ago. According to their website the fin "allows for good release, but has just enough tip for those long nose rides." More maneuverable than my 9.25 Salty and certainly snappier than the 10" Dorsal that Beads let me borrow, the fin was fast down the line, allowed for big bottom turns on head high waves and would float to the top for quick trips to the nose. Attached to my 9'6" Becker UFO, which has a reasonable amount of rocker and hard rails, the fin was a lot of fun. Not that stable when cross-stepping, though. I'd say it's a fin for those looking to make the most of a wave, not for someone interested in finding their way to the front.

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