Close Calls & Long Lefts

We sailed the second ship on Saturday. In the water around 9am. Had the place to ourselves. Tide was too far out, though. The shape of the beach had changed significantly since the last time we were there. More of a bowl, less of a point. Lots of little lefts for the first few hours. The swells increased in size as the tide came in. Chest to shoulder high, a few that were two feet taller than I am. Karissa had something overhead and awesome. Disappeared down the face, a trail of white water the only clue as to where she was. Gordon and Lynn paddled out around noon. One of their friends joined us an hour later. Lynn had a close call with a closed top kayak. She escaped unscathed. Sometimes boats and boards don't mix.

Low tide showed us a new shape.

Early bird gets the wave.

Lynn's friend Tanya had lots of long lefts. Backside, knees bent, love the way she looks.

A rising tide.

While Gordon and Lynn wait for waves...

A close call.

Another fun day at my favorite spot.

Photos courtesy of Karissa.

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Stickman said...

really neat shots there. looks like a really fun day...again! You guys certainly have been mining the stoke this winter eh? Thanks for sharing, your posts sure do fuel my fire to return up north. Cheers, Nick

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