Too Blue Stew & Berry The Bing

Two boards, similar in both shape and size, yet completely different. The first, a 9' Stewart Hydro Glide that I purchased on the list of craig, surfs like a log and paddles like a canoe. Straight and steady. Easy entry. Sharp turns. All the way to the nose. Nothing to it. The second, a 9' Bing Elevator we recently acquired, is a whole other story. Not much foam up front. Heavy in the rear. He's all business. A bitch to paddle. Big, slow bottom turns. But once you've rotated the bastard - turned left on a long peeler - you'll fly down the line. And then the nose will call to you. It wants to taste your toes!

Karissa loves a good single fin sandwich. Too Blue Stew on the left, Berry The Bing on the right.

"The design is basic and geared towards ease of paddling. The Hydro Glide is a thicker board with relatively flat rocker. The fullness is held out to the rails, which are beveled all the way around to provide maximum forgiveness."

A 9.5-inch single fin keeps Stewart stable. Hard rails in the rear allow for easy rotation.

"A board which combines concave and step deck in the nose with a subtle tail rocker, creating a well balanced lift suitable for mind-altering noserides. The flex in the nose allows you to lock into the pocket and pump down the line, while the lift in the tail stabilizes the board allowing you to find the sweet spot with ease. Unlike many noseriders of the past, the Elevator holds its forward projection and is easily piloted through hard directional pivots off the tail."

A ten-inch single fin and squash tail keep Berry's butt buried in the wave. 50/50 rails. Smooth sailing.

We surfed all day Saturday. Head high. Short intervals. Stewart made the most of it. Sharp turns on big faces. Long rides to the left. Berry was a bit more difficult. He took a little getting used to. You have to be back a little further on the board. Show up late to the party. Dragging down the line like a dog with an irritated ass, you quickly realize he wants you to walk. All the way, no bullshit. And when you do, when take two steps toward the nose, Berry turns it up to ten. We've since become good friends ;)

A pair of nine-foot single fins. A beach break all to ourselves. That's what I want every weekend.


Stickman said...

Hey there, glad to see you guys are out mining the stoke on the penisula nearly every weekend from what I've gathered by looking at your blog over the past couple months. Happy to see some people who genuinely like to ride logs venturing out and taking advantage of all the little perfect reelers that most people overlook or miss out on because they only ride shorties. Always look forward to reading stories and seeing photos of your sessions. I'm down here in the heart of all surf culture and surf life and yet I still continue to find the most stoke and inspiration from the penisula and reading about surfing up there from blogs and stories like yours. We're moving back to Sequim in a couple months maybe we'll cross paths and share a few little runners. Oh yeah.... maybe try a 9.5 Greenough 4A and that bing, it'll loosen it up and make it considerably faster off the tail. They work really well for noseriding too! Keep up the good writing and the adventures! Cheers, Nick

Justin W. Coffey said...

Hey Nick,

Thanks for the good words. I love logs. Guess I'm a bit of a Luddite. Always interested in new fins, though. Thanks for the suggestion. Feel free to email me when you're settle in Sequim. Would be happy to share some swell.


surfdaddio said...

Love the glass job on the Bing. Also really enjoy your description of board features and how they affect performance. Keep the stoke and keep on blogging. Love it!

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