Lonely Lefts & Right Handed Pigs

Surfed on Saturday. Brought my father, my fiance, my friend Beads and my sixteen year old cousin, Anna. A little dawn patrol with friends and family. Up at five, on the boat by seven, in our suits before noon. Waves were waist high when I paddled out. An incoming tide generated some sizable swells later in the afternoon. Surfed for five hours. Plenty of rights. A handful of head high lefts. Water felt warm.

Derek's new Bing Pig. First few waves were pretty impressive. Bottom turns like a boss.

With it's big skeg fin, Derek could easily rotate his new ten-footer. She looked fast down the line.

The beautiful Ms.Wood and her 'Surf Hell's Kitchen' t-shirt.

Yours truly. What I wanted wasn't there. Forced myself to surf some rights.

A beautiful day with good friends and family. Sure didn't feel like February!

Photos courtesy of Mark Velez and Derek Sparks.

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