Celebrating With Stoke Harvester

In February of 2011, my friend Shawn launched an online surf shop dubbed Stoke Harvester. After surviving a severe case of the brick and mortar blues, Shawn has since built an online community where surfers, skinny dippers and stand up paddle people can spend money and stay stoked. Last weekend, Stoke Harvester celebrated their one year anniversary at the Capitol Club. A good time was had.

Everyone kicked in some cash and had this cake made. And yes, Shawn is wearing a grass skirt.

Some Stoke Harvester schwag. Stickers and hats, sweatshirts and scented candles.

Ms.Wood and Mr.Coffey. Clearly a couple of maladjusted sea monkeys.

Jasmine and Shawn, the Dynamic Duo.

Just want to wish our friends at Stoke Harvester the best of luck. They've helped us stay stoked and supported our efforts here on the internets. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Click here for additional images from Stoke Harvester's one year anniversary party.

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