Sports Illustrated - May 18, 1964

In May of 1964, a small group of Southern California surfers were featured in Sports Illustrated. The piece centered around the burgeoning So-Cal surf scene and what swimsuits these young folks were wearing. Ricky Young was among those photographed for the magazine.

Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, Young moved to the Northwest sometime in the early 1970's. After surfing our shores for a few years, he and his wife Kristen opened the 'Ricky Young Surfboard Shop' on Main Street in Bellevue. In addition to shaping surfbaords and running the shop, Young also organized the 'Kahlua Westport Longboard Classic,' a three-day surfing competition he founded in 1987.

From left to right: Donald Takayama, Steve Aaberg, Ricky Young, Bob Cooper and Chuck Linnen.

Mary Sturdevant wearing Spooner's Polynesian-print two-piece suit.

Ricky Young and Paula Bradenburg.

A closer look at 'Who's Wearing What.'

Although Ricky's shop closed some years ago, his endless enthusiasm and love of longboarding lives on.


Unknown said...

Living in Bellevue and surfing the straits/coast every month recently makes me wish a culture like this still exists here.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this- my Dad is featured in the shoot and he could never remember the details of which magazine.
Caitlin- daughter of Bob.

Jimmy said...

I was fortunate to work with Ricky Young when he worked as a Carpenter for a big construction company in Seattle in 2003. He still had his surfboard shop in Bellevue. I lost touch after he left the Northwest, seems like he was in Panama City, anyway I don’t know if he is still alive, he would have to be in his 80’s . He was a pretty cool guy with lots to tell , cheers Ricky! Jim Willey, Mill Creek Wa.

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