Accept Kooks

A few weeks ago I blogged about surfing in the straits. I wrote about my desire to surf more in the winter and my experience doing so that particular weekend. A week later I received an anonymous comment suggesting that "no one needs a commentary on our winter season, accept kooks." I disagree.

While I understand the commenter's concern that my blog may draw unwanted attention to otherwise vacant surf spots, I do not believe that I have spilled the proverbial beans. If you want to surf in the Northwest, there are only a few places to do so. And they're not crowded, even when we think they are.

I started surfing in the Northwest when I was seven years old. In the years that have followed, I've gone from white water kook to a confident and consistent surfer. I'm no pro, nor do I wish to be one. What I am, however, is aware of the fact that in order to become a better surfer you need to surf, a lot.

That leads back to our anonymous commenter. In their second sentence, my nameless objector said I should "just keep it clean so we can continue to enjoy the rarities we have," insinuating that I've told everyone in Washington when and where to surf in the winter. Again, I disagree. If someone is motivated enough to don a wet suit when the weather is inclement, I believe they'll also be able to sort out the when and where bit.

Stating that I should "keep you surfing to yourself and just talk about the stoke," my objector is effectively telling me to censor my opinion and limit my expression. But in a world plagued with conformity and complacency, I will not allow one persons objection to destroy my desire to share my surfing experiences. You don't have to read it if you don't want to.

Additionally, if I want to tell people when and where to go surfing in the winter, I will.

This is a free country after all.


Sam O said...

Yeah, do what you wish my friend. It's a small community and we all have our own right to an opinion...trouble for you is that us as surfers have a right to have an opinion about you too. Nonetheless, see you in the water. No fretting about it, just have to agree with anonomous and say its kinda careless and lame.

Justin W. Coffey said...

Careless and lame? Writing about something you enjoy is careless and lame? I didn't draw a fucking map. Again, if someone has it in them to surf in the winter, I am sure they'll figure out when and where to go. But you're quite right, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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