Surf and Snow

With snow on the ground, I slipped into my wet suit, put on my lobster claws and paddled out. It's a drug, these lefts, something you keep coming back for, no matter how cold it gets. You have one, then another, chasing the dragon until your face and fingers are blue and your feet frozen.

Saturday wasn't the best. The first hour saw a handful of waist high waves, but the size decreased rapidly. The wind picked up, and on top of the 34 degree ambient temperature, it felt like I was sitting in a cold storage... wearing a wet suit. I hate being cold, but there's always room for one more wave.

Karissa and my friend Mike surfed for an hour and then paddled in to warm up. Mike never returned. Karissa, after thawing her frozen digits, paddled back out. She asked me a question, to which I could barely respond. Frozen face. Decided I should probably call it a day.

Lobster claws kept my fingers working. More on those later. Will need new boots, though.

Anyone else want to skip Thanksgiving?!

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