Lobster Claws

I have terrible circulation. Ten minutes and my fingers are frozen. Useless digits. For years I surfed without gloves, though. I couldn't afford them. Recently, however, I happened upon a pair of 3mm XCEL gloves. Surfed most of the summer with them. A marked improvement. But last week, when Karissa and I ventured out in search of surf, with the ambient temperature well below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, I knew three millimeters of neoprene wasn't going to cut it.

I can usually handle a great deal of discomfort. I'm getting married after all. But cold fingers... fuck that noise. So following work on Friday, I stopped by Wave Hounds and picked up these 6mm Body Glove 'Vapor Claw 3 Finger Surf Mitts.' They're cumbersome, and make you look like Danny DeVito in Batman Returns, but you'd be amazed at how warm they are. Oh, and there's even some soft Velcro along the top of the thumb and side of the index finger to help with those big boogies.

So if you're like me, Mr. Frozen Fingers, I'd highly recommend picking up a pair of lobster claws!

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