Moonstone Beach

I've been away from the water for a few weeks now. Following last weekend's Shelton Valley Adventure & Dual-Sport Ride, I was asked to attend the Horizons Unlimited 'Travelers Meeting' in Cambria, California. Short notice, we packed up the van and headed south. After two days of driving, we found ourselves in sunny Santa Cruz. Stopped by Zero Motorcycles to test ride the latest electric bikes, then proceeded further south towards the small coastal town of Cambria. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say we sat in a booth for three days discussing motorcycle bits and fending off beardos. No fun. We did, however, wander down to Moonstone Beach for a few minutes. And while the swells were well overhead and the rip so serious that signs were posted about the beach suggesting you not swim, let alone surf, it was nice to stand knee deep in the Pacific, if only for a moment.

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