Took off early Saturday morning headed for the straits. The weather didn’t look like it was going to accomadate our adventure, what with gray skies looming overhead. But following a ferry and a two and one half hour drive, we arrived to find sunshine and an endless supply of left-handers. On low tide this spot can look unassuming. Flat and forgetful. But as the tide pushes in, the swell picks up and you’ll find one left after another, wrapping their way around the shallow rock point. At times you can find yourself in knee deep water, while a few feet to the east you’re overhead. With a western swell the waves are typically small but shapely. My 9’6” Becker proved the perfect tool for Saturday’s swell. The hard rails allowed me to turn quickly, while the large pivot fin provided enough surface area for the waist high waves. Toes on the nose? Almost.