Ms.Wood's New Board

After responding to 20+ emails, Ms.Wood sold her Suzuki DR200SE last night, and is now in the market for her first surfboard. That being the case, I started to browse craigslist and came across a 7'8" Gordon & Smith for $300. Although the board had already been sold, the woman mentioned she had another board, one that hadn't been ridden in a few years and was currently living in the rafters of her barn.

Turns out the board is an 8'6" Channin and the lady wants just $125 for it. Funny thing is, Ms.Wood has been looking for an 8'6" "funboard" for quite some time now (long story). Anyhow, I asked the woman to send me a photo, and this is what she sent. Following the grind, we plan to ride the ferry to Vashon Island, pick up the board and head to Westport. Full report to follow.