From the Phone - Vol.10

A note: This post was supposed to go live in January of 2022... My bad.

Another note: For whatever reason, Google won't let me adjust the resolution of the images I am uploading, so my apologies for the low quality. *UPDATE* They're full resolution if you click on them.

Google sends me an email each month telling me how many miles I've traveled so far this year. As of December 1st I've accumulated some 87,159 miles of travel, roughly 3.5 times around the world. That's not as much as 2019, though, where I amassed 124,389 miles, or 4.9 times around the world. Mileage may vary from year to year, but suffice to say that this last decade has been spent with one foot in the air and one foot in the dirt. I can feel it, too. In my bones and in my eyes. A creaky noise and a glazed over appearance. Turns out riding fast motorcycles on islands in the middle of the Atlantic, or hiking massive sand dunes in Saudi Arabia with less than three hours of sleep takes a toll on the ol' skin and bones. But that's the shit people say when they're balls deep in something they allegedly love - the kind of complaining a business owner does when they're making more money than they have time to spend. A catch-22 if you will. With that, I'll leave you with yet another assortment of photos taken on my telephone over the last twelve-ish months. An amalgamation of experiences, from Siberia to the Serengeti, Verona to the Vegas-to-Reno, and beyond... 

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