Lessons Learned From A Year Living In A Van

A little more than 14 months ago, I was moving into an apartment on Queen Anne, one of Seattle's more well-to-do neighborhoods. A phone call from my friend Chris prompted a six week long search for surf in Southern California, a project later dubbed The Peelgrimage. My hasty return home and ensuing divorce motivated me to move. Anywhere. So I went south... Check out the story I wrote for Gizmodo about the lessons I've learned after living in Fargo the Cargo Van for more than a year.


B.D. said...

Great post. Still living in the van these days?

Justin W. Coffey said...

We sure are, B.D.! Currently in Portland, OR. Headed to the Olympic Peninsula for a few weeks, then Japan for two months to ride motorcycles and surf, maybe Sardinia to cover an off-road motorcycle race, then south... again. Not sure where we'll end up. Somewhere with surf and sunshine, that's all I know.

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