Spring Sessions

Worm, also know as Erin Ashley, is a Seal Beach surfer with a style and grace few can compose. She's funny, full of life, and one of the most interesting people Chris and I met on our #peelgrimage from Seattle to Southern California. While parked at Camp Pendelton for the better part of two weeks, Chris and I surfed with Worm more times than I can count. When the winds blew offshore and the high school kids crowded the lineup for a few hours after school. When Church was choppy. When it wasn't. When everyone else was surfing the easy rolling right, Worm went left. When we suggested she surf a pig, she did. When we went north, and Malibu was empty in the morning. When we went south, and surfed near the sand cliffs of Cardiff. She was always good to go. Always up for it. And so when we started looking through the footage we'd shot during our two month adventure, Erin was ever present. So this short bit of film, produced by Pursuit of the Arbitrary, is the first of many from our #peelgrimage project.

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