The Aquatic Almond

I was recently introduced to Almond Surfboards, "a collaborative effort of friends who enjoy making things the old fashioned way." In addition to their (relatively) small shop in So-Cal, the guys at Almond shape a variety of surfboards, to include the one featured in this film, the Aquatic Almond.

In this video you'll see Cyrus Sutton take his Aquatic Almond to Malibu to test the log on some backside peelers. According to their website, "this is the board we developed with Cyrus Sutton for surfing Cardiff Reef. The outline is extra wide for stability and planning through sections. This pintail has a slightly tucked rail for lively turns. Step in the deck to keep it lean and mean on the nose."

Along with a website, Almond Surfboards maintains a lively blog and online store.

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